Grange Cricket Academy 2016

The parents' views


Just wanted to feedback that he is really enjoying the Academy.  You have created a great environment where the boys have been challenged and learnt a lot through the winter.  I notice how energised he is after the sessions.  So well done to you and all your coaches.  What you have set up, the structure and quality of coaches, the environment for the boys is really exceptional and I’m sure you are already thinking about ways of getting better.


All the best for the season and as a parent, thanks to you and your Team for all the hard work, you may not get much feedback from the boys but they really are enjoying and getting a huge amount from your efforts !



The ambition of your programme has been more than matched by the quality of the delivery and he has had a fantastic experience, thanks to the extremely well- constructed, diverse and thought provoking programme.


I do hope the boys fully appreciate how lucky they are to have the likes of you and Raj taking such a huge interest in their personal development, not just as cricketers but as athletes and, most importantly, young men. I suspect some already appreciate it whilst others may take a bit more time for the full realisation to dawn (they are teenagers after all, and introspection and self-analysis are probably not high on the list of their hormone-fuelled characteristics right now!). That said, I have absolutely no doubt that in time every single one of them will come to realise that the Grange Academy is a truly special experience and will have a played an important part of their own personal development, no matter where they end up in cricket.


I cannot convey how impressed I have been with the programme and the coaches, and it would take a much longer note than this one to properly express my thanks. Hopefully for the time being it will suffice to say that I really admire what you have achieved already with the Academy and I look forward to observing the next steps in its development. I am also truly grateful for the opportunity you have given to my son.


Please pass on my thanks to the coaching team. From what I have seen, I genuinely do not believe that any other sports club in Scotland is offering such an exceptional set up for their young players. You are setting a new bench mark and it will present a considerable challenge to others if they want to even think about trying to keep up with The Grange.


Grange Cricket Club, Portgower Place, Stockbridge, Edinburgh EH4 1HQ   Tel: 0131 332 2148

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